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Chester is a large, classic looking German Shepherd. He has a golden temperament and is so easy-going and amiable. When we walked with Chester into a busy veterinary hospital, all the owners of small dogs pulled them close when they saw Chester stride through the door. All of a sudden people were smiling, they knew Chester was a love bug and not a concern; their dogs knew, too.
Chester was very depressed at the shelter and no one noticed him. He was missing his family who never came to look for him. We think it was probably Chester's luckiest day that he got lost, his family hadn't been taking good care of him. Chester is five years old, he needs to gain some weight, his ears are healing from some fly bites, but he will be magnificent again in a few weeks. He is definitely a well bred dog from a breeder, we are always surprised when this happens, over and over. Chester is going to be such a wonderful new family member, he will be so devoted and appreciative.

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