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Chelsea von Lancaster

According to her foster mom:
Chelsea is a living angel.  I wouldn't be surprised if she sprouted feathered wings and took to the sky! She is 4 years old, smart, she knows how to walk on a leash very well, is totally house-broken and just about the most polite and well mannered dog I know.  Chelsea loves the company of people and will sit at my feet for hours if I am working in my office.  She will follow me from room to room, always checking with eye-contact that she is doing the right thing.  When I coo at her, she coos back.  She sings along to the ice-cream-truck, albeit a little off key.  She greets people with a wag of the tail, a proper sniff-down and a kiss or two.  I have only heard her bark twice - and that was the first night she stayed with me. She doesn't chew anything - even her bone that she will carry around from room to room. She just holds it in her mouth with pride.  She doesn't jump up on people or on furniture and will lie on her designated bed. Chelsea would be a perfect 'starter' german shepherd for someone. She is a relatively small shepherd and not as 'willful' as some other dogs can be. She would also be great for older folks who can dote on her, since she is not a very high-energy dog.  She is mellow and loving and eager to please.   Whoever adopts this dog will be so lucky to have an angel in the family!



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