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Chase von Wagner

Chase von Wagner is the most outgoing of the three brothers. He is always the first one to greet his foster family and his eyes light up! Chase loves to snuggle up to his foster family wherever they may be, rests his head against them and looks up at them with those big brown eyes. He plays with a ball and loves to wag his tail at the cats. He knows to never hurt them because the two big dogs he lives with now told him to always respect the cats...and the kids...and the small dog! He is great with all of them. Did we mention how smart Chase is? Out of the three brothers, Chase was the first to learn how to use the doggy door! After he's had a full day, he goes into his crate all on his own and tucks himself in for the night! Chase is such an enchanting, grateful, sweet puppy who would be happy to shower you with kisses!


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