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Cha-Cha is a 4-year-old bred from German import parents. We have their documents-all in German. Cha-Cha was used to produce puppies. I'm sure they made a lot of money on her puppies, but I guess not enough to buy Cha-Cha some medical care. Cha-Cha who just turned 4 looks like she is 14 years old. She suffers from a very treatable fungal infection with a secondary skin infection. The skin on her stomach is black from the fungus. We can only imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for her to nurse her puppies. I was going to take some 'before' pictures of Cha-Cha, but by the time I got back to our vet office, Cha-Cha was happily sitting in a bubble bath. So you can imagine that she looked even worse before and also she had an untreated ear infection. She is so attached to the veterinary assistant that gave her a medicated bath with a fungal shampoo. Can you imagine her relief! It is difficult for us to pay for the special needs dogs, but we feel that certain dogs are owed something because of what humans have done to them. Can you help us make up to Cha-Cha? We want her to have whatever it takes to feel better. She will be so transformed.
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