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Carter von Diaz

Carter von Diaz is a sweet 5 month old long haired German Shepherd. He has the straighter back of the German imports and at only 5 months he already weighs 59 pounds! Like his sister, Aimee, this gentle giant in the making is affectionate and loving and is gentle even around small children. If he barks pay attention, because he only barks when there is a reason.  Carter has a good appetite and likes to eat laying down. He loves to play with toys, chewing things and ice in his water bowl. He's well on his way to being house trained and uses a doggy door easily. Carter enjoys being outside during the day, but loves to sleep inside at night with the family.  He loves his spunky little sister, Aimee, and they would make a great pair if adopted together. As adorable as he is now, Carter will be so handsome when his long coat grows in and he fills out a little more.

Aimee and Carter



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