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Carina von Wagner's Puppies

7 little cutie pies waiting for their forever homes! We think they're mixed with shepherd, lab and probably some other breeds. They will be medium sized adults!

These delightful pups are 8 weeks old and anxiously awaiting their new forever homes. Mom is a shepherd mix, dad might have been some kind of lab mixed with maybe a smaller breed. We think these pups will be medium sized as adults, 40-60 pounds, depending on the puppy. Adoption fee for each puppy is $350.

Mia - The most loving of the whole bunch, if you sit on the ground, Mia will crawl into your lap as gently as ever and you'll never know it until you look down and see the sweetest, most loving eyes staring up at you. Mia looks into your eyes and you feel like he is looking right into your soul, connecting with you. She will sit on your lap 24 hours a day if you let her. She is very calm and wants human companionship.

Baci - Tiny girl with lots of kisses to give. As a matter of fact, she was named "Baci" because it means "kisses"! Baci likes to stay close to her person, following you around just in case there is a moment when a kiss is needed. She will probably be the smallest of the bunch but trust us, her heart is huge!

Bianca - Very loving and playful. A very well adjusted puppy. Bianca is really eager to please and loves the bigger dogs. When they are playing she watches intently, waiting for her moment to jump in. When the bigger dogs rest, she lays next to them and gives them gentle kisses.

Dante - The most loving of the two boys, Dante will look to you for direction and affection. He is a smart puppy who will be very easy to train. Dante loves to watch the big dogs play and then emulate them with his siblings. He looks at you with his soulful, sweet eyes and it just melts your heart.

Lucia - The toughest and roundest of the bunch, she is an alpha female but will settle into your lap if given the chance. She is a fun pup who likes to wrestle with her siblings and settle in your lap afterwards!

Mauro - When he first arrived, Mauro would keep his distance so he was labeled a loner. Now, he runs over to his foster family (or any visitor!) as soon as he sees them and loves to lie on the floor next to them. He is happy playing with a ball or a toy but most happy on a lap! He is a cuddly boy whose coat is thicker than his siblings. He's a loving fuzzy bear!

Sophia - She's an easy going girl! Nothing seems to phase her. Sophia loves to lounge around in the sun, play with her toys, be held like a baby or stretch out on your lap after she has eaten. Basically, Sophia is just a happy puppy. Give Sophia a belly rub and she'll love you forever!

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