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Cami von Callahan

Cami von Callahan is the sweetest 5 year old Shepherd mix girl. She's on the smaller side and weighs in around 55 pounds. She has the most gorgeous reddish-gold coat. Cami does well with other dogs but prefers her human companion. She is housebroken, walks very well on leash and is just a little love bug. She's in a foster home with other dogs and loves to follow her foster mom around the house. She's happiest when she's with her 'mom'. Cami absolutely loves to play ball and her favorite thing to do is chasing the tennis ball you throw for her. She's very fast and very agile. Her foster mom says she is the easiest foster she could ask for. She's eager to please and is very obedient. Cami rarely barks, only if there's something to alert to; she will quietly snooze by her mom's desk if she's busy working but at the same time she's always up to whatever you're doing. She very much enjoys running errands and keep you company in the car - she's a very easy passenger. She likes chewing on some rawhides but usually ends up 'burying it' in a secret corner in the house. (yes, you will find her little hidden treasures in your closet corner, or behind some shoes, maybe under a pile of socks; you will get a kick out of secretly watching her busily hiding her 'left over' bone for leaner times.) She's quite the hunter and will keep your yard critter free - which includes cats as well. All in all Cami is a delight, she has so much love to offer, she's loyal and loving, a little cuddle bug who enjoys snuggling up next to you. She's so endearing, you just can't help but fall in love with her. The ideal home for Cami is with someone who is home all the time or can take Cami with her. If you're ready for a loyal, loving new companion who will worship the ground you walk on, come meet Cami, you will fall in love!


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