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Byron suffered and suffered. Even on pain medication he was still crying. His leg was badly broken with the bones at right angels from each other. We took him from the animal shelter on the first day he was available. He had been turned into the shelter by his family. We were allowed to drive our car around the back of the shelter and since Byron couldn't walk, he was lifted into our car by animal control. We couldn't get Byron to the orthopedic vet fast enough. Today Byron had surgery. He now has pins and a plate to keep his leg in the right position. To our horror it turned out that Byron was injured at least 4 months ago, and has been in pain all that time. His family watched him suffer for 4 months and then dumped him, only to suffer more at the shelter. The surgery was complicated by the delay and the body's attempt to heal the injury. The orthopedic vet feels that with the right rehab, Byron will recover well. It will just take time for him to stretch his muscles and tendons again.

We are a small rescue group with very limited resources, we have had two surgeries in two weeks. We couldn't let Calvin or Byron die, which means we need people like you to support us so we can continue to be there for these deserving dogs. There is very little help for German Shepherds in shelters. Can you help us make a difference? Would you like to be part of our German Shepherd Emergency Fund, we need to know that we have backing the next time we get a call for an injured dog? That call is their last chance, we have to make the decision
on the spot.

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Byron had his surgery. He had a long, tough surgery but the orthopedic vet is optimistic. Byron is already starting to put a little pressure on the leg. He is a large, well bred dog, from German import lines. He is very people friendly and even though he still has a patch to help manage the pain, he is always happy to give you a big lick across the face.Byron did well in a busy vet office, next to dogs of all sizes. We are looking for a home for Byron or even a home to convalesce. If you would like to make a donation to help cover Byron's surgery. Byron is ready to be adopted.

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