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Buda is a big, sweet easy going guy. Our gentle giant tips the scale at 113 pounds. He is 4 years old and seems to be in good shape except for a problem with one ear. Buda was left with an untreated ear infection, he had to have surgery to repair the damage from a hematoma. We are hoping that his ear will go back up. Buda is well behaved on the leash and fortunately doesn't pull at all, otherwise we would be in trouble. We feel like we are walking a horse. Buda has obedince training and responds to commands quickly. Buda is a dog who is lost without a family to love. We can hear him in the waiting room of the veterinary hospital complaining about being left behind. Buda was good with the dogs he met of all sizes including very small ones. He also showed no interest in the fat cats sprawled out at the vet office.
The minute Buda gets to be taken out by one of the volunteers he immediately switches to his happy mode. His face radiants good cheer
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