See Tails of Joy

Bruno was "railroaded" from the San Fernando Valley by Peter, from the Conejo Valley by Peggy, from St. Barbara by John to meet his new family in St. Marguerita for final transport to Petaluma!
A wonderful dog going to a wonderful home on a ranch with people who have adopted
from Robin before.
Tails of Joy

Bruno is a very large, big structured dog. He is a gentle giant. Someone tied up this gentle boy and left him behind a gooming salon. He was so happy when someone came to get him, he was getting so worried. He wanted to shake hands with his rescuer. Bruno is over 100 pounds, he looks like he weighs even more, he is huge! He walks nicely on the leash and seems to have some training. He has a thick gorgeous coat and seems to have had good care. He is three years old, but we don't think he has a concept of his size. A small dog in the vet hospital scared him and he jumped back. Our big boy is just a doll.

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