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Brooke von Berlin

Brooke von Berlin is an outgoing, irresistibly sweet 6-month-old German Shepherd puppy who dreams of one day owning her own kissing booth somewhere on the Westside or anywhere there are tons of people to give kisses to.  Brooke loves nothing more than to plant big wet smooches on the faces of fresh victims (oops, we meant to say people...) who come up to meet her.  She figures the more she practices her kissing now, the more successful her kissing booth will be when she's older.  She's your typical puppy, full of love and excitement.  Brooke isn't for the couch potato kind of person because she loves to be on the go, looking to play or having a job to do.  She gets along great with other dogs and hopes to find a home with other canines so she can play with them when she's not playing with her humans.  Brooke will need some puppy training to learn her basic commands but she's destined to be an amazing dog once she's all grown up.  She's sure to make someone out there very proud and she's ready to give all the love she has to offer (and trust us, it's a lot of love!).  Come meet Brooke and be prepared to be kissed all over from head to toe!


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