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Brando is a beautiful black and red long haired German Shepherd. He is only two years old and has suffered so much in a short time. Brando was found by an LAPD officer chained to a house, his ears horribly bitten by flies. He is just skin and bones with his beautiful coat badly matted. The owner no longer wanted Brando, he thought he might get a Rottweiler next time. A bolt cutter had to be used to cut the chain and padlock to free Brando. The officer took Brando home for a night until he came to us. It is such a testament to how gentle and incredible Brando is, even with such horrible treatment he is gentle and loving. He is good with other dogs and especially likes children. He so badly wants someone to love, he cried when he couldn't see the officer anymore. Brando was unwanted because he was too gentle, even being chained couldn't make him anything but forgiving. Brando deserves a home with lovely, gentle people who love him for his kindness and his goodness.
As soon as Brando is well enough, we would like him to go to camp. We think hiking in the mountains or early morning walks on the beach would sooth his soul, we want him to see that life can be fun. It is a special rescue price of $30 a day to send Brando to camp with Caesar, the "dog whisperer." Would you like to help Brando?

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