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Blaze von Steiner

Blaze (aka Bubba - as his foster mom called him) is an extremely sweet, loving and mellow 3 year old German Shepherd.  He is perfect for someone who works out of the home and/or can bring him along to work.  He loves all people and gets along well with other large dogs but would probably do best in a home with a large submissive female.  He is a little too interested in cats.  Some of his favorite activities are getting tummy rubs, going for car rides, playing with squeaky stuffed toys, being brushed, chewing on rawhides and cuddling with his person.  He is a gentleman and will sit and wait for you to open the door and will wait for his food or treat.  He will let you do anything to him, including clipping his nails and bathing him, and he will patiently wait for you to finish.  His foster mom taught him that because he's a big boy at 105 pounds, he has to be extra gentle, so he is very careful not to be mouthy around people.  He is easy to handle with or without a leash and does not pull on walks (he stays by your side and waits for you to make the first move).  He does not bark unless absolutely necessary to alert you of something. (his size alone will deter anyone with bad intentions).  He is very eager to please and will worship the ground you walk on, so long as you're the leader he seeks.  If you are looking for a shepherd with the looks of a linebacker and the heart of a teddy bear, Bubba is the one for you.


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