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Blake is a charming 7-year-old classic looking German Shepherd. He has a medium build and weighs around 65 pounds. He is a charmer and loves people. He will shake hands and stay right by your side. He would love to be your best friend. He would be content to sleep by your feet or follow you around the garden. Blake has obedience training and is extremely well-behaved. He is also very quiet. Blake is housebroken and would love to sneak up on the couch and watch a little television with you. He is good when he meets new dogs, but he would rather have all the attention in the house himself. He doesn't seem interested in cats. When Blake goes for a walk, he always turns towards the houses with such a sense of longing. He misses having a family so much. Blakey was turned into a crowded animal shelter.We think his owner must have died because obviously someone spent a lot of time with Blakey. Oh, and he wants you to know that he loves to ride in the car and stop for a double cheeseburger.
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