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Benton von Boden

Benton von Boden is a fun-loving and affectionate 2-year-old German Shepherd who truly enjoys his hugs and kisses.  Benton has one of those personalities that just clicks with everyone.  He's so friendly and wants to be involved in everything around him as if he's the life of the party.  Benton was quick to make friends with the four other shepherds who shared the same transport down from Bakersfield.  In fact, not long after he arrived at our adoptions, he was already trying to help out one of our lucky adopted dogs who was getting ready to go to her new home.  Benton just stuck his head in the drawer of new collars and leashes to help pick out a color for her.  He knows one day soon it will be his turn to go home, but he was so happy to help out another new shepherd friend.  Come meet this sweet guy for yourself, but be prepared to receive tons of hugs and kisses if you do!


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