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Bella is a beautiful, high-quality, one-year-old German Shepherd. She is from a well-known breeder and has their tattoo in her ear. The number identifies her lineage. She is a good-sized girl with a nice solid temperament. She is loving and attentive and loved cuddling with our volunteer, AnneMarie. Since she is a good candidate for obedience training, we placed her at Landmark Kennels to start an 8-week training program. She will be on- and off-leash trained and will respond instantly to hand signals and voice commands.
Bella is a spectacular-looking dog; her lean and muscular body is a pleasure to watch in motion. We can't wait to see her at her graduation! Her adoption fee is $1,500 which includes the 6-8 week course plus tuneups when needed. The trainer will also work with the adoptive family, including the children. The normal price for Landmark training alone would be $2,000 but Daryl from Landmark wants to help Westside by offering a discount so some of our dogs can get a head start on becoming obedient, prized family pets.

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