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Beau von Bonn

Beau von Bonn is a striking 3 year old German Shepherd. Beau is tall, dark and so handsome. Some people are afraid of the darker colored dogs, but at the same time more people love them not just because of the gorgeous color, but because they feel safe with them. Beau's beautiful light eyes stand out from the black on his face and it gives him a bit of a wolfish look.
According to his last foster home:
He is a great dog.  He is kid friendly and very loving.  He is very active and would like to be walked or taken to the dog park every day.  He is a great running partner.  He had been walking with the "gentle leader" for
about a month. In the short time we had him I taught him to "wait" when I opened the gate to our yard, "sit" when I was feeding him (he'd keep sitting until I said "Good dog" then he'd eat), and of course "sit." He is very playful around other dogs.  He runs around them and "play bows." He had no problems with our female Thai Ridgeback (about 35 pounds). They'd run around and play with each other. I've attached a picture of him and our 4 year old daughter.  He was fine with her hugging him around the neck and petting him.  No fears or concerns with him around kids.  Beau needs high and secure fencing. He has a prey drive and will go after
cats and anything small. Everyone who saw him commented on what a good looking dog he was.  We will miss him.  I hope this information helps you.


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