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Bear von Petersburg

Bear von Petersburg is the most adorable 9 week old stuffed animal, we mean German Shepherd mix. If a toy designer were to sit down and try to think up the cutest puppy ever it would have to look just like Bear. All we know is we got a call from one of the vets we use just before closing to say that two kids had bought a puppy from someone and couldn’t keep him, and would we be able to help. Bear has a form of blindness called cortical blindness. It's caused by damage to one or both of the lobes of the brain that control vision. Within the lobes are areas that control different components of vision such as light versus dark and detection of movement. It appears that Bear may have some ability to distinguish shadows and shapes but does not have the ability to focus clearly. Bear is as precious and as cute as any being has a right to be and we've promised to find him the perfect loving forever home.

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