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Anika and Rommel (adopted) are two gorgeous pure bred German Shepherds. Anika has a tattoo in her ear, so she is registered and most likely an import from Germany. Rommel is black and tan and Anika has the deep gold or red which is very popular in Germany. They were found lost in an area with many breeders, we think they were going to be a breeding pair. I'm sure some breeder isn't too happy, but it is their lucky break. Anika and Rommel are in a foster home enjoying their extra helpings of dog food and the loving attention they are getting. Anika is 2 years old and kissey face and happy. She loves to play ball and will bring you back the ball. She has some obedience training. Rommel is only 18 months old and is just a big puppy. Both dogs are good with other dogs. They are not barkers and are very quiet unless they need to alert someone. We would place the dogs together or separately. Rommel cries when he doesn't see Anika, but he would do fine in a family with another dog or someone who has lots of time for him. It is wonderful to get two dogs that you know love each other and that if you are gone they still have company and are happy We are asking a donation of $500 for this gorgeous girl so we can other dogs on the shelters' death rows.

Rommel (Adopted)

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