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Ally is the sweetest 10-month-old little girl you could ever imagine. Ally is a petite, long-haired German Shepherd. The long-haired German Shepherds usually have a milder temperament, Ally is especially mild and just wants to be held and to love you. She is very submissive with other dogs, so we think she could get along with any difficult canine or feline family member. One of the volunteers who was spending time with Ally at the vet office noticed how much she seemed to love children. Whenever she saw them come into the office her tail would just keep wagging. We would love to get Ally into a foster home soon, or even better, her forever home. It is too difficult on Ally to be living in a kennel situation. She wants so badly to have a family to adore. Ally is one of those gems that doesn't come along often, she has a heart of gold.
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