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Aero von Amberg

Aero von Amberg is our prince charming! He is a big boned, 5 year old coated German Shepherd. He is from an area famous for the quality of their dogs.  We just want to warn you however, if you come meet Aero you don’t stand a chance, he will work his charms on you. He will sit as close as he can to you, he will gaze up into your eyes, rub his big handsome body against you and finally will lay down for some tummy rubs. He is very easy going and even in the middle of chaos, he is calm and well behaved.  Aero is housebroken and well behaved in the house. He is great on the leash and doesn’t alert to dogs of any size. Even a little dog barking at his heels didn’t faze him. Aero needs to be in a home with adults or teenagers, he was in a home with a 7 year old boy and wasn’t comfortable with him. Please come and meet Aero and be charmed!

Aero knows to sit on command when he is fed. He catches dog treats, walks well on his leash, behaves well at the dog park, has learned not to get up on furniture (except the bed which is allowed) and guards the house while we sleep.  He's good with people and with other dogs and doesn't even seem to pay much attention to cats, though there's some I'm sure he'd love to chase.  If he attempts to beg while we're eating, he immediately goes to his dog bed when told.  He is good with horses he has met and loves to hang out and do errands. All Aero needs is a chance and he will show you what a good boy he is!


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