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Update: Although Schultz has been adopted, Westside still owes the vet $800 for his hip surgery.

Schultz needs your help! When you think of puppies you think of carefree happy days, romping and playing with kids. When we first saw 6 month old Schultz, he was in a chain link cage, on asphalt away from other dogs and away from the public. He was in the back of a crowded shelter next on the list to be euthanized. Schultz was covered with a raging skin infection, big patches of hair had fallen out. His body was burning up, the smell of his diseased skin was over whelming. He was not much more than a skeleton, but his tail was waging when the kennel attendant walked over with our volunteer. Schultz was rushed to a vet for care, not only did he need to have his skin treated, Schultz had also caught an upper respiratory infection because of his poor immune system.
Schultz was responding so well to treatment. He seemed to know the pills he was taking were for his own good, he was so good about trying to keep them all in his mouth and swallowing them. He was being transformed in front of our eyes to a beautiful and healthy puppy, at least we thought so. He was looking so good and seemed so well that we brought him to meet a family who was interested in adopting a dog. Schultz loved the family immediately. He just melted into their arms when they bent down to meet him. He rested his head on the children's lap. The family had had other dogs with hips problems so they wanted Schultz to have x-rays before they adopted him. We got the very sad news that Schultz wasn't going to get a break yet. He has hip dysplasia. Because he is young the orthopedic surgeons can do a TPO. It isn't a hip replacement but it involves breaking the pelvis and resetting the hip bone.He will be fine after the surgery and will have a long and healthy life. Schultz is hoping that there is a very special family out there who will love him and help us pay for his surgery. We don't want Schultz to miss out on any more of his happy puppy days than necessary so we are going ahead with the surgery. It is a very frightening commitment for us, we are counting on your help, no matter how small.
The surgery will be around $1,800 a hip. Please help sweet, deserving Schultz!

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Post Hip Surgery

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