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Vicki is actually a well-bred long-haired German Shepherd, believe it! To our horror someone gave her a summer cut! They even trimmed her tail like a lion. Vicki has the fine fur of the long haired German shepherd, she has the long hair between the toes, which is how you can always tell. Vicki is from German lines with the straighter back that everyone loves. She is 2 years old and is large for a female and will be extremely impressive when she gets her coat back. Vicki was found by a family who had a sick mini Pincher who was about 12 pounds, she was very sweet with the dog. Vicki is very well-behaved, even in a crowded veterinary office where any dog with attitude has to wait outside. Our princess just sat int the waiting room waiting for someone to take her back to boarding. She wagged her tail at children and sat next to a sick Chihuahua. Vicki is a gem, you just have to use your imagination.

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