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Topher von Trimmelbach

Topher von Trimmelbach is a stunning 2 1/2 year old, large, long haired German Shepherd. He comes from an area known for its breeders and long haired German Shepherds. Judging from Topher’s conformation he looks like he is from German import lines. He has the straighter back and a larger bone structure. He is well behaved and is easy to walk on the leash. He was great at an adoption event even though he had just arrived. He was great about his bath. In the pictures he is still a little wet and actually has an even fuller coat. If the long haired German Shepherds get groomed every couple of months and their undercoat is thinned you will have much less shedding on the floor than a standard coat German Shepherd. They usually have a milder temperament. Come meet out big boy and run your fingers through his beautiful coat, we know he will win your heart.


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