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Sam von South Central

Sam von South Central is a well bred long haired German Shepherd. He is probably around 18 months old. He has the conformation of a show quality German shepherd. He has the red coloring of dogs imported from Western Germany. What happened, how could he end up looking like this? These are questions we ask ourselves, we can't understand. Sam isn't what we call a backyard bred dog, he is from a high end breeder. Someone paid a lot of money for him. Did he get lost, did he have an ignorant owner who didn't know how to care for him or someone evil? We will never know.
We do know that Sam had on a custom collar, we do know that he is at least 30 pounds underweight. He has a tall frame and is all bone at 60 pounds. Sam is a sweet dog, happy and outgoing, he has some training. We know he loves double cheeseburgers and will eat them gently from your hands even though he was basically starving to death. Sam is good with other dogs, he likes to ride in a car. He loves to go for a walk and gives good kisses. We would like some help with Sam's care. Sam is at Brent-Air Animal Hospital. 310-478-0011. Sam got an exam from Dr. Schlanger and then got a bath and his ears cleaned and his nails clipped. Sam wasn't sure what was happening to him. A volunteer reassured him and kept giving him doggy treats during his beauty treatment. We know few people will be able to image what Sam will look like when his coat comes back. Trust us, Sam is going to be absolutely magnificent! We can see him now.

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