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Ryder von Ritterhof

Ryder von Ritterhof is a classic looking 2 year old German Shepherd. Ryder is what most people picture when they think of a German Shepherd. He is picture perfect and so nice! Ryder was a favorite at a shelter, we were asked to take him quickly when the staff was afraid that a person who wasn’t worthy of him was interested. Ryder was a gentleman with a young puppy rescued from the same shelter. Ryder decided that his job was to look out for the volunteer who picked him up at the shelter. When one of the guys who runs our kennel  raised his voice and shook his finger, it was a joke, but Ryder didn’t like the tone. He barked to remind the guy to be polite to his new friend. Minutes later Ryder trotted off with him once he cleaned up his act. Ryder is very special and deserves a wonderful family.

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