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Oso von Berne

Oso von Berne was probably the cutest puppy, his family named him Oso which means bear in Spanish. Life wasn’t good for Oso for very long.. At some point the family hit hard times and had no money to feed Oso so they waited month after month before they took him to the animal shelter. Oso was just a shadow of what he must have been. He is a dog who should weigh at least 75 pounds, he weighs 41 pounds. In the shelter he was with strong and healthy dogs who pushed him aside and ate his food. We can just imagine Oso who still manages to be regal, licking the empty bowl. It just breaks our hearts that something like this happens right here in our own city. At the shelter everyone walked by the ghost like dog and picked the health and happy ones. Oso tried to hold his head up and wag his tail, but no one even hesitated to give him a second look. Oso appeared on the shelter’s line up of dogs to be euthanized the following day, we went to get Oso. He loves his big dinners now and eats as fast as he can in fear that it will be gone. Oso needs a foster family to nurture him and get him ready for his forever family. After a week of good meals, Oso is already starting to feel better

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