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Murphy von Weimar

Murphy von Weimar face

Murphy von Weimar is a charming 4 year old German Shepherd. He is one of those wonderful gentle giant types we all love. People in the neighborhood around the kennel all had to comment on what a handsome “Rin Tin Tin” type of guy he is. We aren’t sure about that, but glad they think so. What we love most is his gentleness. Walking Murphy makes anyone feel that they are an experienced handler, but it is just that Murphy is a piece of cake. He takes a step when you do, he keeps pace with you. Murphy is close to 100 pounds, but he is so manageable and lovely. When he met the pack at the kennel, usually the other dogs give the new dog a hard time, but with Murphy they took one look at his size and decided not to mess with him. Murphy would do well in almost any situation, he is just wonderful! He gets a little excited around cats for now, but we can test him again if someone with cats is interested in him.

Murphy von Weimar face 2

Murphy von Weimar profile

Murphy von Weimar Ken

Murphy von Weimar standing 2

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