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Lincoln is an enchanting 14 month old sweetheart. He is 90% German Shepherd and 10% love bug. Lincoln is a well adjusted, attentive, loving and kind dog. Many shelters do what is call the Safer method of temperament testing. Most rescue people are opposed to the test because it is unfair to dogs who are in a stressed situation, many fail. Not Lincoln, he did fine, there is no way to fault him, no matter what the situation. He is a happy guy, resilient and appreciative. Lincoln loves his people, he will follow you, give you lots of sloppy kisses, not take his eyes off you and thump his tail, every time he hears your voice. It doesn't matter if you are just talking on the phone, just the sound of your voice makes him happy. He is so great with other dogs, even tough guy dogs are fine with him, he doesn't want to challenge anyone. Lincoln is in a foster family with a female shepherd and they love to play. We would like to place him in a family with another dog. We know the family who adopts Lincoln will celebrate their choice for years to come. One of Lincoln's nicknames is Sunshine, everyone needs some sunshine in his life.

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