Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving
all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.

Jerry von Kerpen

Jerry von Kerpen is a beautiful 2-3 year old German Shepherd.

WGSR: “What’s your name and what do you like to do with your time?” 
WGSR: “How do you feel about other dogs?” 
JERRY: “Where are they?? I love other dogs! Here, I get to WALK with them, and it’s so exciting!” 
WGSR: “What about playgroup? How do you feel about that?” 
JERRY: “I know about playgroup! The humans said I did a great job, and all I did was be myself! There are guys and gals who like to play, like me, and some who like a little quiet time. That’s cool. I’m down with that.”
WGSR: “How do you feel about people?” 
JERRY: “People are pawsome! I like them all, but I really love the ones who like to cuddle up with a guy like myself. Did you know that some of them know how to give a dog belly rubs?? I mean, c’mon! It doesn’t get any better than that!” 
WGSR: “What about pulling on your leash? Do you admit to doing that?” 
JERRY: (hangs head): “I know, I know, I just get so excited about being outside with a great person, I forget they don’t have four legs, too. But I’m working on that, and I promise that I am taking shorter steps!” 
WGSR: “That’s all we have time for, Jerry. See you later!” 
JERRY: “Don’t forget to tell everyone out there that I love them, and can’t wait to see them here on Hill Street.”


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