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Gunther von Bakersfield

Gunther von Bakersfield is a tall, elegant looking sable German Shepherd. Some of the volunteers think that Gunther might be a small part wolf, either way he is a magnificent looking animal. Gunther is 18 months old and is now in perfect shape. Thanks to Dr. Olds, a well know orthopedic surgeon Gunther has had a speedy recovery from a broken leg. He doesn’t even walk with a limp; it is just like with people if the leg is repaired correctly there are no long term problems. Gunther is very sweet and is very appreciative when he gets a visit from volunteers bearing gifts, like chew bones and chicken strips which he loves. He seems to be good with other dogs and doesn’t bark at any of his pals in boarding. Gunther is very smart and resourceful; he would do really well in advanced obedience classes. Gunther was lost and no one came for him. He was injured when animal control picked him up, nothing was done for him he was just left to wait with a broken leg. One of our volunteers got him as soon as they would release him. He is a happy boy and thinks he has done quite well for himself. He will bring joy to all that know him.
Update from a volunteer who spent the day with
Gunther at an adoption event:
Gunther is such a wonderful dog and I am in love with this guy!!! Beautiful, sweet temperament, no issues, sits on command, shakes, rolls over. We spent about an hour with a family who had a tiny little toy terrier and Gunther was so cute. Kept rolling over on his back for tummy rubs.

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