Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving
all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.

If one of The Going Home Dogs has caught your eye, mention the name when you are doing an application. These are dogs whom we feel have waited too long for a home or need to be in a home right away. The Going Home Project dogs have a logo by their names; many are not at the rescue but with trainers or in foster homes. Once they have gotten training, they stay with their trainers so they don’t forget their new manners once back at the kennel. The adoption fee for these dogs is $245. If you have any questions email Robin@sheprescue.org

Spearheaded by Westside’s founder Robin, we are a group of volunteers within Westside German Shepherd Rescue who each play a part in making sure no dog waits too long for their new home. Instead of waiting until a dog has waited months in a kennel (despite the fact that we have volunteers who walk the dogs, staff who do play groups and vet hospital trips, Urban Training sponsored by individuals to give dogs who need a boost some manners on the street, monthly hikes, and professional trainers who donate their time) we want to get everyone into their home faster!

While most dogs fly out of the rescue and get their forever homes quickly, some dogs need that extra special attention.... Some don’t put their best foot forward when meeting potential families at the rescue, some need fosters to help transition them, many have been farm dogs so urban life is overwhelming, some haven’t been around other dogs and need socializing, some are the old fashion German Shepherds who love protecting their family to an extreme.

All these dogs need help so they don’t become the long term dog. If they need to go to training their issues are identified early so they get that training and can find their homes. The training per dog is $350 a week - most need at least three weeks and then to board with the trainer at $25 a day until they find a home. We want them to stay with the trainers to reinforce their training and not return to the kennel.

We need your help! You can make a difference in a dog’s life who just needs some help to find their forever home. Even trying as hard as we do, kennel life is so demoralizing for this wonderful breed who live for their families. On adoption day people come with their list of dogs, the dogs who need that extra help know exactly what just happened, they lost and they weren’t picked. Some fight going back in the kennel, it is just heart breaking! Help us make every dog a winner! Please donate to keep this project alive and help every dog who needs that extra something special! If you don’t have any change to spare (even $1 makes a difference!) you can make a positive impact in their lives by becoming a foster parent or volunteering your time!

Westside German Shepherd Rescue’s success with The Going Home Project is not only thanks to our volunteers who put hundreds of hours spending time with the dogs who have been left behind but to Charles Perry, the gifted trainer. (http://www.cttobedience.com) He has an innate sense of what the dogs have missed in socializing with other dogs or people. Dogs who become too protective of their people: simply put, he lets the dogs know “ it isn’t a job we need anymore, it is over”. Plus Charles works with the adopters to let them know what to do and what to communicate to their new dog to make the transition successful to a new home. We aren’t really sure we want to share our best kept secret, but hopefully Charles will always keep some space for Westside dogs who need his skill and compassion and keen sense of the dog’s needs. The dogs get what they need to heal and find homes, and in the process they love Charles! Westside is so grateful!


Captain von Adelmar is a gorgeous XLarge 4 year old German Shepherd.
Lived with kids!


Roscoe von Adelmar is the sweetest 4 year old German Shepherd.
Lived with kids! Love bug!

Sam von Stadtroda is a stunning 6-7 year old German Shepherd.

Violet von Visel is a beautiful 2 year old Shepherd mix.


Rio von Rohr is an adorable, smaller sized 4-5 year old German Shepherd.


Cupcake von Cohl is a stunning 5 year old German Shepherd.


Aurora von Aslan is a gorgeous 3 year old German Shepherd.

Magic von Mylau is a handsome 5 year old Heinz 57 mix.
FOSTERED with little dogs!

Kolton von Kail is a beautiful 2 year old smaller sized German Shepherd.

Khloe von Kassel is the sweetest 18 month old shepherd mix.
FOSTERED with Cats!


Luna von Lunz is a stunning 3 year old long haired German Shepherd.

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