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Elkie von Button




Female Puppies 12/27/05

Male Puppies 12/27/05



From Elkie's Foster Mom:
"There are 6 black and tan, 4 sable and 1 fawn. A little rainbow of Shep love! Elkie is such a joy! She's so sweet and so curious about everything! I normally walk about a mile and a half every night (mostly). So anyway, I took her with me tonight to give her time to unwind and get to know me. She wanted to look at everything and figure out "what in the world is that?!" But she never pulled on the leash and if I talked to her she responded right away. What a sweet, trusting girl she is. She's really smart too, when we got home she ran right to the door where her puppies are to be let in. She'd only been through that door once and she remembered it!
Smart, smart girl, what a joy!"

Elkie has had her pups and thankfully in a foster home. We need need financial help to raise her puppies until they are 8 weeks old. Elkie was found with another German Shepherd so her puppies are most likely German Shepherds. A kennel in a vet hospital isn’t a good place to give birth on cement.

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