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Dyson von Bishop

Dyson von Bishop is an enchanting 3 month old black plush coated German Shepherd. Dyson is just about a perfect puppy. He sleeps in his wire crate with his comfy bed all night, but it has to be next to someone’s bed. He loves other dogs, he can be without his person but he needs a dog to keep him content. He is great with his foster canine brother and his canine foster sister. They tolerate anything from him. If his foster sister is in the way he climbs right over her, she doesn’t give him a second look. Dyson loves to collect shoes but doesn’t chew them; his foster parents get a laugh at what he has collected. He isn’t a mouthy puppy that bites your ankles and fingers; he just wants his squeaky toys. He loves chew toys but chews nothing in the house, He doesn’t bark much and he doesn’t dig. He would be a great puppy for kids or an active family. He could fit into any situation. Just be prepared if you have guests or service people come to the house they won’t be able to concentrate, Dyson is so captivating, there is no way to compete.


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