Tails of Joy

Conan is a charming 3 year old long haired German Shepherd with some Anatolian Shepherd. Conan radiates good cheer, he has something so infectious, you can't help smile just looking at his happy face. We first saw Conan in March at the shelter. We had planned to rescue him, but his owners came for him.He was micro-chipped and the owners were contacted. Again he was back in October. Conan was in good spirits he was sure his family would come for him. We checked on Conan every time we went to the shelter. Pretty soon our happy boy was getting sadder and sadder. We realized he had given up hope that his family would come for him. We looked forward to the day we could take him home, his family didn't deserve him anyway if they made him wait so long. Conan is again happy. He couldn't wait to jump in the car and off he went to be groomed, he stopped for a double cheeseburger before he went to boarding. At the office of the kennel he was so well behaved and just snoozed as everyone talked about him. Conan is a avery special being who will bring such joy to a deserving family. He is a very easy dog to bring into any home. He is good with other dogs, he is very respectful of cats that he met at the vet office. He loves to go for a ride, he is mellow and calm. He bonds very quickly and will make a very devoted family dog.

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