Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving
all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.

Briggs von Bretten

Briggs von Bretten is an adorable 18 month old German Shepherd mix with an ebony coat.  Briggs isn’t just any dog, he is our office boy during the day and most nights back to an orphan in the kennels with the other dogs waiting for a home! One of the reasons Brigg’s has waited longer for his home is the volunteers can’t imagine working at the front desk without their trusty dog sleeping by their feet, or checking out someone who is leaning too far over into the volunteers desk area. His eyes tell people, hey wait for your turn! If you work at home and would like some extra help Briggs is your boy. He is happy to wait by your side for hours with the promise of a few walks around the block. He has perfect manners, sometimes the rescue gets too full with new dogs and Briggs gets to sleep in the office all night, those are special times for Briggs, he rather forget about the kennel totally. He is a prince and needs his adoring adopters like he has the adoration of the Westside volunteers! Briggs is a guy who takes a little time to bond with humans (treats seem to expedite the process). When he does, he does so extremely well! He tends to stick close and loves the bonding that happens when it's just the two of you.   Around his people, Briggs is just the happiest boy.  He enjoys receiving affection, especially in the form of belly rubs.  Briggs is smart; he is crate-trained, house-broken and loves his toys!  That’s great, because playing with other dogs is not his thing. . It’s OK, Briggs, some of us are just not that extroverted!  Around other dogs he can still be unsure, especially if he feels they might take something away from him.   Briggs would be an excellent match for a calm, loving adult home with someone who is home more often than not. (No toddlers or cats please.)


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