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Bo von Hariton

Bo von Hariton was probably one of the cutest puppies. He has that great red coloring that is so sought after in the German bred dogs. He has a beautiful face, with big innocent eyes. Life has been awful for him ... Now he is thin, you can count every rib, his body is covered with sores, and his teeth have been filed down. He was left at a crowded shelter because his paranoid owner thought someone was trying to remove Bo’s micro-chip and steal him. We don’t know what other indignities he has suffered, he is very quiet and watchful but so sweet and deserving. Bo’s owner ran a paintball field. We aren’t sure where all the sores come from, but we think possible someone shot paintballs at Bo.

.Despite everything Bo is good with people, even the vet opening his mouth to marvel at his filed off teeth was fine with Bo. He is also good with other dogs. We would love a foster home for Bo, a loving home, someone who will show him that life can be good. Bo needs an enzyme added to his food but other than that he just needs love and lots of food. A forever home would be even better, we know there aren’t too many people who can see how he will transform into a beautiful, regal German Shepherd again with his head held up high

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