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Austin von Buttons

Austin von Buttons is a well mannered 2 year old Sheltie, possibly Golden Retriever mix. Then again we read that there are Golden Shelties, hope someone can give us some help here. He is a dream dog, he is so easy. Someone took good care of him, his coat is gorgeous and someone obviously had loved him. The staff at the shelter had a special place in their hearts for this sweet boy, they didn't want anything to happen to him. They made him practice "I am a German Shepherd". I guess it worked because when our volunteer showed up, Austin climbed into the truck with some pretty magnificent German Shepherds. During the trip home a cat who was hitching a ride down from Bakersfield decided that he wasn't going to stay in his carrier, he busted out. This fearless feline decided to sit on a head rest the next 2 hours on the way to Los Angeles. Austin and three German Shepherds thought that seemed like a reasonable thing to do, they were all so good. Once our volunteer's heart slowed down, she realized that all would make it alive down to safety.

Austin friends

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