Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving
all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.

Adam von Alzey

Adam von Alzey is a stunning 1-2 year old German Shepherd with a touch of a beautiful Nordic breed. Charming and housebroken Adam can be shy at first but eventually enjoys getting attention from humans, and then it’s hard to resist his low-key way of standing very close and casually leaning against you to keep the affection headed his way.  He is a quietly-confident fellow as he walks next to his human, anticipating what you think and where you might stop. We think he is so smart, he can probably apply to college, but so sweet, you’ll want to keep him home with you! Adam likes being around other dogs and, in fact, lived with his mate Eve (they are the proud new parents of a substantial litter) and two other male dogs. Although somewhat tentative at first in new environments, Adam is unusually self-possessed for a dog, and will appreciate an owner who is consistently sensitive to his big heart and intellect.  Appearing to have dropped in on us from an enchanted forest, his long legs, almond-shaped eyes, and wise expression whisper of long-ago legendary beasts. You, however, can live the legend in the here and now when you meet soulful Adam for yourself!


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